Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

On this eve, this small voice adds to the chorus across the land in wishing the House of Windsor the very best for the future.

Buckingham Palace and Clarence House will have received cards with verses aplenty, from other Royals, the Nobility, the Clergy and the Public. Yet let us hope that whilst the happy couple become ever more entwined, that Prince William - the future King - remains very much his own person, as The Queen has obviously done throughout her reign.

That said, it would be undoubtedly advantageous to see both Princes working collaboratively in their duties both private and public, and so at long last extinguishing that awful phrase ascribed to Royal scions; thus adding personal and professional weight to the wedding roles millions have witnessed, in turn adding Royal and British strength in the eyes of the world.

For at this time and onward, Britain itself seeks its new future, and in this regard may the words of past notables such as Lord Halifax and offer as much guidance as the wishes of the people offer support.

Yet, the final words at this special time are left to Goethe, and echoes as much for the country at large as for the happy couple...

" Love does not dominate, it cultivates".

Blessings to All.