Monday, 2 January 2017

The Alternative New Year Message – 2017

The issue of western social fragmentation, leading to much increased friction, has today become of such great importance that the annual Alternative New Year Message continues this vein.

[NB investment-auto-motives remains wholly apolitical and irreligious].

It is unfortunate yet highly ironic that here in the UK the political right's idealisation of individualism and self-determination during the 1980s (with the mantra of enterprise), became superseded by unbounded influence of the liberal-left. In the early 1990s modernised socialism had been itself reformed to serve the lost centre-ground, and provide new hope to destitute communities, whilst enlarging the post-industrial economy. However, as defunct coal-faces, steel mills and ship-yards were at long last replaced by call-centres, distribution-centres and shopping malls the societal aspect of British socio-economics was becoming incrementally yet fundamentally altered.

By 2010 new 2.0 version of 'individualism' had been created, wherein self-identity derived more from one's being than one's actions. The central foundation-stones of yesteryear's ideas about the power of one-self (critically regards self-improvement for the betterment of self and espoused by ancient philosophers to early 20th century thought leaders and influenced scientists and industrialists [ie Emerson, Curie, Edison, Ford]) had become disingenuously used to invisibly build multiple walls of social separation and disharmony.

Such efforts by portions of the far left were not recognised as people and politicians 'danced whilst the music was playing' since the national demographic appeared to consist almost totally of new middle-class who themselves enjoyed the monetary fruits made available.

Nonetheless much had in reality changed for the bad, especially amongst and between the sexes, generations and creeds, whilst at least there was perceptual improvement amongst different, typically urban-diffused, races

The Sexes -

Amongst the sexes, especially the under 50s, things have drastically declined.

The devastating ramifications of the 2008 'Great Recession' (itself the bursting of financial irrational exuberance, the financial wizardry and 'double-speak' masked as convention) resulted in the economic fracturing of the families and couples. Often the personal reaction to those financial stresses was a self-serving 'bugger you' attitude, the different sensibilities between people and often the sexes now exposed.
Those differences regards financial responsibility (income vs outgoings) inevitably led to relationship stresses which led to break-downs.

But perhaps the worst examples of that 'FU' attitude was when an stay at home partner/wife and mother, extremely unhappy about her changed economic circumstances and spending-power, sought her 'self-preservation' escape plan. Seeing her partner as now economically useless as a limited or non-provider, atttention was drawn to the value of accrued 'home equity' and the economic leverage of children under 16 years of age. That 'escape plan' was seen as a 'life-boat' by many, and thus perpetuated deliberately created dischord between the partners involved.

This may appear harsh, and obviously does not accord to those couples and families who held together through the bad times, but it was a pattern seen time and time again over the last decade.

The result has been the emergence of the men's MGTOW community (Men Go Their Own Way) – consisting of those who have been financially and mentally damaged by what they see as the social pitfalls of rampant, media-led, “Socialised Feminism”, itself initially rightly giving women equality, but failing to likewise take on the responsibilities that go with the rights of equality.

MGTOWs believe that the artificially created 'prosperity bubble' - upon which female-led employment and consumerism - created wholly unrealistic/artificial perceptions and expectations and moulded women into becoming more materialistic, immature and selfish. People who would effectively 'live for today' without thought for a bad tomorrow; but with arrival of such bad times would instead destroy the family unit to provide for her own economic advantage.

Moreover, they believe themselves as revealing the true nature of women, “behind the PC bullshit”, who are by instict 'hypergomous' (ie always seeking the better mate option with greater 'resources') and willing to 'monkey-branch' (ie swing from partner to partner to gradually improve her own standard of living). Female expectation now so high that only a very small minority of truly 'Alpha' males (as determined by income at least) are desired by many women for long-lasting coupling, with the majority of average men seen as unfit for the 'self-obsessed' female. Men are then seen as little more than “resource providers”, not for the human beings they truly are.

This very unfortunately has been the emerged outcome whereby many divorced and older men have had such bad experiences that they have essentially 'walked away' from the idea of committed heterosexual relationships, and not being homosexual, have instead become asexual (in body, if not in mind).

Furthermore, perhaps most visibly, the plethora of uploaded YouTube videos of women falsely claiming themselves as victims of male initiated harassment, intimidation and violence (from partners to family members to strangers), a predetermined profound bullying tactic by some females to gain immense power over the man by utilising the police and law for nefarious ends, has massively altered many mens' basic trust in the opposite sex.

Even the remotest possibility of being trawled through such accusations means that the only fail-safe option is to avoid even the possibility of such painful and socially detrimental experiences; thus to physically and mentally distance himself from such potentially problematic people.

This MGTOW emergence amongst men, for their own 'self-preservation' has been seen in Japan over the last two decades (for economic reasons), and now the trend is most definitely engrained in western society; many fathers telling their sons to effectively wholly distrust women given their critically observed tendencies.

Another outcome has been some men's demands that true equality be practised by women, ranging from splitting the bill fairly for a date (as opposed to the expectancy of the man paying...setting the pattern for life) through to women entering the fighting front-line in military combat .

They accuse women in general (though of course not all) of typically abject double-standards, emotional/mental manipulation, everyday dishonesty, being immature about the seriousness of deceit, becoming arrogant and 'entitled' and much else.

In short the modern era ultimately mating the worst character traits with the societal power now gained to knowingly undermine men in many varied ways.

At its heart MGTOW views the historical patriarchy as the natural and most productive social order, whereby women's follies were kept in check within the family and so across society, and believes that society has suffered greatly ever since 'empowerment' has been used as group-think for anti-male balligerency.

MGTOWs appear to respect the righteous and wholly legitimate equality of women where true parallels exist (eg in the workplace performing the same function, the truly respectable examples of womanhood, etc) but believe the real-world consequences of 3rd and 4th wave feminist propaganda has created a gender schism because of the social ripples of the very vocal far left.

And specifically because in many recognised instances 'empowered' 'equalised' women themselves actually fail to live up to the standards that most men by and large have had to live up to for previous eons given their familial and societal responsibilities.

That gender fracture has unfortunately been growing ever larger and today represents a very destructive chasm.

The Generations -

Inter-generational relationships unfortunately appear to have become, in many instances, more separated than ever, as the effects of liberalism and lifestyle choices and technological immersion have taken hold.

Perhaps most prescient has been the decline of aforethought and personal responsibility and rise of social 'externalities' and broad-scale 'moral hazard', as endemic in society as within the financial system.

Well advised warnings about personal restraint (moral, behavioral, financial, sexual etc) from the parents of the 'Baby-Boomers' have became increasingly ignored by the postWW2 born generation, their 'Gen X' offspring, and in turn their 'Millenial' children. Increased freedoms that were often for the broader good also brought with them created much deeper socially destructive forces, as the existences of each generation became more and more different.

That change together with much altered economic base meant that - as has been now well understood - meant that much of the nation's intellectual capacity and prowess was not enlarged, with a major bias toward creating unthinking socialised consumers over very real producers. That of course grew facets such as Marketing and Advertising, but the advancement of Humanities and the Liberal Arts created increased 'Fundamental (Dis)Orientation amongst the nation's university intakes, when long ago Media-Studies, Sociology, Psychology and Gender Studies combined over-took the recognised importance and positive societal impact of the Sciences and Engineering subjects.

[NB the intake spaces for those vital olde-worlde subjects ultimately often filled by BRIC and EM nationality students. Whilst insights into the applications of sociology and psychology has propelled both liberal group allegiance and been used as weapons against those seen as ideological enemies, most notably the old order patriachy].  

By the early 2000s devastating climate change was apparently upon us, requiring a massive western and world-span reaction enabled through new thinking for new and revived technological solutions. Instead however much of the next generation coming into adulthood had become subsumed not by the natural world around us, nor the engineering that had created the man-made, but by media and social-media which at the 'common denominator' level is extremely adolescent at best.

In its search for profit through deregulation, the mass-media long ago reversed from the public broadcast edicts of John Reith (inform, educate and entertain) and in all but a few areas the valid issues of commercialisation and profit had led to sensationalism and manufactured petty-drama where there was once arguably over-censorship; with the latter perhaps preferable in a world where reality TV becomes all too real via fashionable mimicry.

Society has moved from one extreme to the other and thus vis a vis the climate-change imperative and so much more, it is now “the people who fiddle (on their own devices) as [insert location] metaphorically burns”.

This may appear a simplification and indeed over-statement.

But it probably takes something akin to the metaphor of a Victoria's Secret fashion show, to have people recognise the problem.

The problem that whilst the millions of image and identity self-obsessed people themselves promenade along their own lifestyle 'run-ways' engrossed at the apparent attention of others amongst their notional 'follower' crowd and who in turn obsess about their celebrity idols or supposed suffrage martyrs (now entwined with Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner), society as a whole comes ever closer to the end / edge of its own truly 'value-adding' philoso-socio-economic runway.

The Chinese, Russians, Africans (and now even historically liberal Rio de Janerians with election of their new Mayor) all recognise the folly of this and themselves maintain or re-recognise the social strength of the old-fashioned, standard centre-ground.

The new year requires a radically new start for the West, and with the strength of the far right now very evident as regards a populist reaction amongst older folks, it is beyond time that western politicians re-stake the importance of the vital but now overlooked ideologies promoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Marie Curie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

That new centre-ground does not have to be independent of idols, and indeed many of Victoria's Secret's 'Angels' are involved with efforts spanning Sustainability to Children and by default illustrate the best of themselves.

Simply that all idols should truly represent the best of the human spirit and soul, whereby learning, intelligence, wisdom and all the virtues of true old-fashioned adulthood once more comes to the fore.

"Fewer Kardashians and more Cartesians please"