Thursday, 6 July 2017

Intermission – Imparting Automotive Passion that Propels Economic Activity – From Auto-Maton to Auto-Patron.

This web-log will continue enjoy an intermission over the next month or so, before considering the future 'shape' of Brazil and the 'fit' of its automotive sector

This once the necessary socio-economic reforms have been implemented to better align the country with its global competitors, and so avoid the likelihood of a possible 'middle-income trapped' economy. Arguably Brazil sits in a prime position to enable yet another era of economic progress, as long as it can create and implement a new “Grande Vision”.

However, in the meantime the topical intermission continues.

In the spirit of old BBC televisual intermissions – wherein monochrome focus upon a potter's wheel allowed the viewer the space of reflection - the following depicts the efforts of two men who epitomise absolute passion for the symbolism, societal impact and history of the motor car.

Critically, as the notional 'advanced West' becomes increasingly weaned-off the mid 20th century 'Autopia', with ideals of eco-consciousness enabled by e-connected urban efficiency, so the remainder of much of the world, from Azerbajan to Zimbabwe, seeks to continue to replicate the best of the West's automotive glory days with mass mobility and consumerism, achieved via yet greater integrated globalisation.

The new and further planned trans-continental trade-routes in road and rail across Asia, Africa and Latin America in turn propel B2B and B2C activities, and so lifestyle and vehicular aspirations.

But whereas those long established major cities with present or expectant pollution problems in today's BRIC and Pioneer nations will invariably follow the ULEV and pure EV pathway (presently policy-propelled by China), the likely emergence of new suburbia spread over vast tracts of land look likely to eventually replicate the Los Angeles growth model of the 'decentralised' town; wherein suburb after suburb becomes gradually enmeshed.
To this end, with the expectation of “proper homes” with driveways and family cars, the numerous millions continue to seek their own 'automotive nirvana', from the freedom and excitement provided to the youth of tomorrow in righteously 'selfish' personal cars (that must also imbue perhaps a hidden social consciousness), to the deeply considered multi-functionality in drive-train, packaging and style required by 'multi-mode' families who must consider not only their own ecological footprint, but who will also seemingly need to be seen as very visible propagators of the “Eco-Century”.

To simplistically 'culturally animate' these opposing perspectives, investment-auto-motives depicts the similarly nick-named, yet counterpoint characters, of Jay Kay and Jay Leno.

Both men have become renowned regards their personal passions for cars and vehicles, however their on-screen depictions – music videos vs subject specials – could be said to relate the highly ethereal (that creates the 'mood space') versus the enormously tangible (informative if not indeed didactic).

So to follow.....from Auto-Maton to Auto-Patron