Sunday, 27 October 2013

Macro Level Trends – NEO not NWO – Capping Criminal Conspiritorialism Permenantly

The previous weblog sought to demonstrate why the now emerged 'new economic order' is an obvious force for global good; assisted by ever greater international trade and human inter-action.

Yet it also critically recognised the manner in which members of a still beleaguered western general public, more socially fractured than ever before, might be drawn toward those more extreme theorums of how the world 'invisibly' turns.

'Info Communism' -

The very topic of power-elite related conspiracies given ever greater exposure since the advent of the 2008 financial crisis, the European sovereign debt crisis and the overall global slowdown resulting from BRICs economic contraction.

Unfortunately, simultaneous to these historical precedents which came about from a lack of proper and co-ordinated over-sight, is the seemingly very real idiom of what today is named 'info-communism'.

This term deriving from the collectivism created by almost every individual's connection to the worldwideweb, whether via mobile phones, smart-phones, domestic and commercial IT and of course 'the cloud'.

The notion here is that personal privacy is eventually wholly eliminated via a person's naïve permission or unwitting acquiescence relating to what is broadly termed social-networking. Perhaps especially so here in the west where a century of improved living standards has provided greater personal space and so privacy.

The not so far removed suggestion that over time the eventual creation of a mass-accepted general atmosphere whereby the non-private environment becomes the global norm. The once 'privileged' (derived from privé) westerner then ever so subtly socially engineered so as to integrate with all. The fact that for many years now a wholly web-connected, indeed since facebook et al, a wholly web-dependent urban youth culture has absorbed phrases like 'brotha' and 'sista' and is addicted to the now global 'Big Brother' TV show undoubtedly provides an uncomforting parallel to Orwellian warnings.

[NB Turan Ahmed (London) and so investment-auto-motives “connected the dots” many years ago, and whilst utilising the web as a platform and shop-window, is also very cautious regards info-tech].

Intrusion as Fact -

The high and low level possibilities for social intrusion is something which has already come into being yet is either not recognised or is under-appreciated by the younger generation of 24/7 virtually connected users; simply because they grew up within the inter-connected world.

What was once a socially progressive etherealism has become for many a dark new reality; especially those prone people whether teenage, middle-age or older for whom IT has been used as a weapon of psychological and social means. The stories of mental disturbance, self-harm and suicides amongst bullied victims tells all.

This then demonstrating that hyper-consumerism of IT devices can indeed be very problematic when put into the hands of those who abuse this connectedness.

Furthermore, occupying greater news coverage, has been the use of sophisticated technologies by state entities and their internal and external agents to illicitly observe individuals, both in public and private spheres.

The massive 'phone hacking scandal' of the UK press (for its own and possibly third party agendas) and more recently that of the America's upon Merkel, Hollande, and all-together 35 heads of foreign states, highlights the very real invasion of privacy that can be affected upon all.

New UK Press regulatory powers (as per the Privy Council) should be upheld, and the American spying scandal should not be simply forgotten, and is cause for forms of political sanction against the US. (see post script).

These examples then demonstrate that the information matrix we live within also invariably has a 'back-door' – whether programmed-in or hacked-in – to afford mass-observation by nations, seen as simply another weapon in state security and not necessarily the methodology of a paranoid or totalitarian state. Further questions arise when such states are seen to have close relations with unethical corporations.

21st Century Social Spying -

Critically though, even at a lower social level far removed from the political, the use of the mobile phone in the creation of and manipulation of social networks has already created a collectivist 'group-think', and a 'spying' inclination in many people; especially the ill-educated, petty, vindictive and so easily manipulated through fear and money; today even in the best neighbourhoods.

This 'informant mindset' undoubtedly already existed within what have been and are Fagin-like gangs. Unfortunately many from ethnic minorities – so perpetuating stereotypes. But the connectivity afforded by social networking and smart-phones has massively enabled such people to become ever more effective tools to their effective masters.

To draw from the Dickens' novel, it seems that many have become what the under-world Victorians called 'dodgers', as when the name-sake character himself 'dodged' (ie spied upon) Nancy, for her seeking to extricate the decent young Oliver from the gang.

Undoubtedly, broad swathes of 21st century Dodgers were formed over the preceding 15 years or so.

'Bottom Up' Social Corrosion -

The previous weblog sought to quell such fears, instead highlighting the potential for all gained by a New Economic Order which has already positively affected the lives of many millions who have gained greater economic personal stability and material comfort.

Whilst many conspiratorial theorists may well wonder as to who pulls the strings of capitalism, which has now become the defining world force – even in a supposedly still communist China, the more prevalent and detrimental issue that should be addressed is that of far lower level financial conspiratorialism that has thwarted the truly efficient capital allocation mechanism, at local, regional, international and global levels.

The greater problem beyond political stagnancy, inaction and ineffectiveness, is then the social corrosion that eats its way outwards and upwards, from the bottom.

True Conspiracies -

To summarise the critique of Wikipedia, the word 'conspiracy' itself has become over-loaded with a negative inference over the last 60 years or so, the term automatically resonating with far-fetchedness and so immediate disbelief; so indeed capable of being applied so as to undermine any counter posited view; the word today used as short-hand discreditation.

However, the fact is that the criminal mind does indeed utilise a conspiratorial perspective to plan and implement for personal/financial gain.

And with the expansion of global wealth and financial and legal channels, so inevitably comes an expansion of criminal activity: whether directly financial, property-related and otherwise.

Whereby highly intelligent but self-serving (often clinically psychopathic) mindsets are able to weave a web of people – ranging from similarly minded social contacts to those already in their power to those even wholly unaware. People whose seemingly separate but inter-connected actions when woven together create a conduit of inputs and outputs of official and/or non-official processes. And so able to deliver via an arms-length control technique (using fear, greed, mutual 'favours' and emotional leverage) the desired end result.

Thus criminal conspiracies do range from one or more people befriending a more prosperous yet socially vulnerable person, through to major financial machinations by corroborating individuals within corporations.

Thus all pre-meditated criminal activity, from blatant simplicity to the invisibly sophisticated - may be described as conspiratorial since any project must have been planned, and that planning is indeed conspiring.
In group form, there seems to be a periodic reference to the clan or tribe, an age-old use of the analogy of the 3 legged stool being mutually supporting used and given the short-hand of the number 3.
[NB such manipulative associations could also have been the reason why the electrical inventor Nikola Tesla had such a reputed obsession with the number three; but no 'friends' helped him as he died effectively unknown at the time for all his invention and near destitute; though his name was re-discovered years later and put to commercial use].

Applying New Minds -

Those often well meaning people who are drawn to the more and less esoteric conspiracy theories would perhaps be more meaningfully absorbed evaluating the very real and so more provable and so convincing aspects of very real criminal conspiracies.

In this regard, just as convicted and suspected hackers are being utilised by national state security operatus to buoy its defenses (and no doubt attack foes and spy on allies), so the inquiring minds of those conspiratorial 'truth-seekers' might be used to boost the resources of national investigative agents.

This might be achieved via powerful enablers, such as the UK's Freedom of Information Act and by cross-referencing the information stored within Companies House and other similarly accrued 'data ware-houses', presumably via a tailored computer programmes.

To Conclude -

Given the radically shifted economic and social platforms, it is unsurprising that many intelligent, curious and so questioning people have formed a sizeable fringe; people who question the motives and methods of entities such as the Bilderberg Group and others

In an age when people-power has seemingly never been greater, the undoubted highly intelligent minds of those who occupy the tails of the demographic bell-curve and the top percentiles of IQ scores could somehow be incentivised to assist the police and enforcement agencies, whether on a project or prize basis.

We have seen decades by which the best minds go to create new financial modelling methods and financial innovative instruments. Perhaps now such logical yet creative minds could be utilised to de-construct the very real criminal conspiracies that have a far greater negative effect on society than the seeming actuality of conspiratorial mythologies.

The positive 'new economic order which embraces far more people across the world has arrived, even if temporarily slowed, and it requires protecting from the true forces of evil, which all too often utilise 'bottom-up social corrosion'.

Flatter, fairer and metorcratic societies are indeed better systems for humanity, expelling the vices of older social systems, but they are also very probably more prone to the greater impact of economic distress, social corruption and criminal conspiratorialism..

Post Script -

The application of sanctions against the US by the EU is presently unlikely given that the EU member states are heavily dependent upon US foreign interest in re-inflating the still deflated European economy; as seen with GM-PSA and latterly Bill Gates's purchase of Spanish construction stocks. However, through the mid term this US grip looks set to be loosened as Europe looks at greater integration with China as with the PSA-Dongfeng re-financing proposal so as to proffer export relations.