Thursday, 10 October 2013

Macro Level Trends – The New Economic Order – Debunking NWO Popularism.

The previous web-log conveyed the global growth potential for a moneyed leisure arena which connects the past and the future via the never ceasing aspirational trend. One which could be orientated to various cultural origins, and importantly, ideally create an ever expanding worldwide participatory value chain, from sports champions to new apprentices, from heritage equipment providers to bio-mechanical scientific research. In essence a worldwide expansion of specific activities which emerge from the positively self-perpetuating trend of capitalism: investment – education – productivity – income – expenditure – re-investment – ad infinitum.

Questioning Capitalism -

It is an imperfect yet continuing socio-economic model which through 2008-10 was rightly philosophically questioned by many in the west.

Not necessarily by those with proto-socialist ideals but with a view to general societal fairness and the financing structure required to deliver such a hope. During the financial collapse and immediate fall-out it was absurd that such devastation could happen, indeed be allowed to happen, and whilst public reaction was simplistic in the 99% campaign, quite rightly people made themselves heard.

Obviously, what came to pass resulted from what may be termed as 'hyper-financing', the 'rubber-band' extension of credit based upon ever more nebulous methods to circumnavigate measures of acceptable credit-risk, with internally little true appreciation of the finance sector's evolution and well below par application of self-regulation. Outcomes ranged from dereliction of office and duty by many banking chiefs, not just a castigated Goodwin, to outright 'top of the market' multi-million and multi-billion dollar fraud and theft by the likes of Stanford and Madoff.

For Britain and the USA, early October sees the fifth anniversary of what were termed the 'banking bail-out' schemes: the Special Liquidity Scheme, Bank Re-Capitalisation Fund and Interbank Loan Under-Writing in the UK, and the Troubled Asset Relief Programme in the USA.

The consequences of the 2007-8 financial collapse massively impacted western and global governments, the very foundations of the western financial sector, the vitality of B2B and B2C commerce for corporates, SMEs and small firms, and in turn creating financial hardship in the lives of many millions of people.

Questioning the Everyday -

As the cornerstone of what should be a civilised and progressive society was seen to crumble, with negative consequences for the usually quiet 'believing' majority, those who had previously doubted the construct of the system inevitably gained a greater profile, the still relatively recent availability of social media providing a platform for potentially mass audiences.

The many Doubting Thomas, who believe themselves to seek out the 'truth' – albeit akin to the “length of string” question - range from those with alternative academic ideologies crystallised via formal education, through to those with or without higher education exposed to, or sought out, alternative 'self-learning' paths. Often paths which society would term radical and scientists unproven, but nonetheless explored and in which a myriad of esoteric topics are often inter-woven, so as to provide a very different world context and so outlook to that of the accepted norm.

The fact that such alternative perspectives are ridiculed by the general public, and unfortunately often belittles such perspectives as 'crack-pot', understandably only serves to strengthen the alternative position, both the general belief that the sheep-like population – the 'sheeple' – are naïve to the invisible reality and to in turn strengthen personal vindication.

However, the ostensible fact is that this such fringe interests in the mysterious spread over a single country, continent and globally makes for a massive and enticing consumer-base, and so the sub-culture long ago became a commercialised industry involving paper-based publishing, e-publishing, TV series, films, events and conferences.

So an uncritical objective perspective suggests that there is a financial incentive to propagate such an alternative belief eco-system, feeding to the 'mystery truth seekers' that which they are inclined to want to hear.

The Human Factor -

Throughout the history of world trade and financing there have been external and internal shocks to given transactional markets, whether natural or man-made, such as the affects of international or civil wars, the failings of harvests, the discovery of additional previously finite resources, or indeed dishonourable market manipulation through either invisible accumulation or disinformation.

As for the man-made aspect, history again shows that those that seek power will try and find ways to attain that power, and life itself demonstrates that nothing happens without a reason.

Given that human existence is at its most basic typically affected by greed and fear, such behaviour provides the tools and catalysts for control by those seeking power over others. Whether amongst young siblings, the invisibly subtle manipulator within a group of friends, a controlling partner in a marriage, one company director vis a vis another in a commercial partnership, or indeed in the rhetoric used by group leaders, from a sports team captain, to the headmaster of a school, to trade union shop stewards to army/naval/air force officers and to politicians; the language used assisted by voice cadence.

For the great majority of all backgrounds, the world is first and foremost societal, then socio-economic, then purely economic. Very very few people operate purely upon non-emotive purely economic reasoning.

[NB those that do will have very probably experienced very negative circumstances, from abject poverty without external assistance to heavy handed social manipulation – perhaps both - so demanding a personal-centric survivalist attitude]

Society's Origins -

Throughout human existence has been the battle of survival, and whilst collectivism is usually more advantageous than singularity, as in nature it inevitably involves a battle for supremacy, so as to deploy what is considered best strategic and tactical practice to gain best advantage to the associated group, and usually regards the spoils, best advantage to the tribal leader. With collectivism obviously came communication and over time the strength of physical prowess became superseded by mental and social prowess. Older tribal splits and newer tribal convergences (as illustrated by the history of religion and sovereignty) resultant from the ability to orchestrate and so lead the underlings of the tribe.

His then a fundamental aspect of the evolution of mankind and its activities, and

As societies grew in population and its activities became more diverse, in order to improve 'social inputs and outputs' ranging from obtaining food to collective belief systems, so the division of labour emerged, firstly from a natural order to befit an individual's capabilities, then latterly trained/educated to befit a specific role in society and industry. As societies stabilised so those specific roles became engrained into almost de facto expectations of the next generation.

With the early development of North Africa, Asia Minor and elsewhere, various social groups – and so classes - emerged, based upon importance to group cohesiveness, and initially spanning religious leaders, soldiers, merchants, general labour and unfortunately outcasts – as still seen in Indian Hinduism today - the minority latter created to ratify general cohesiveness amongst the group and general acceptance of their better position compared to the outcast.

Where regionally a social system keeps peace and order so it is maintained and developed, but in doing so decade after decade, century after century, ingrains the status quo so leading to inter-class frictions, unless they can be subtly overcome via improvements of physical and material comfort for the masses associated to a systematic self-improvement process such as education, or a renewed group cohesiveness created usually from identification of a threatening external enemy.

The terms 'Social Engineering' and 'Political Science' emerged in the 19th century to seek to capture the historic learning of what had been an ongoing concern for a myriad of governing groups across the ages.

An Inadvertent Cloak of Mystery -

Throughout history the less fortunate individual or group have been envious and angered by the more fortunate. The rewards of capitalism for the fortunate, whether via entrepreneurship, a handed-down family business or that of a group's insular social connections, can be immense.

And whilst such millionaires and billionaires are in reality the minority, the fact that on a per capita basis their 'social share' of wealth far outweighs that of the average and poorer than average person obviously creating social friction, especially for those whose lives are constant toil for self-existence or for no or little betterment working within the job market.
However, when those less fortunate begin to believe that the social construct as experienced by themselves is unfair – by virtue of 'allotted' wealth and so access to a host of opportunities - and indeed has been intentionally created by the the powerful and influential to maintain this unfairness through a complete falsity of society to the disadvantage of the unwitting masses, then understandably any apparent supporting evidence or empathetic rhetoric crystallises the presumption.

Unlike days or yore where the powerful and rich were highly visible with prominent castles and vestments and directly influential by personal edict at the local level, today as a result of industrialisation, development of capital markets, globalisation and gated communities and rural depopulation, those that have wealth and possible influence tend to inevitably live in a far more removed social and geographical enclave.

In all but a few instances of the apparent 'everyman', best exemplified by the public persona of Warren Buffet, the emergence of what are now massively influential roles such as money fund manager, multi-national CEO, national politician, senator etc inevitably means that the responsibilities involved mentally and physically remove these individuals from a typical existence in normal society; indeed they are effectively moulded to be very different to the norm in capability, outlook and understanding. Not a breed above, but necessarily a breed apart.

Unlike the very direct lines of communication to a community from a feudal lord, or indeed the Victorian industrialist, today's far more macro orientated and globally related leadership roles means typically far greater personal removal from the everyday, be it a singular factory, singular service centre and their local communities. This more the domain of independent, often family run SMEs. Instead for the high-flyers far greater interaction with others within their professional sphere, professionally and socially – indeed it no doubt becomes a kind of bounded pen in itself - plus the fact that in a world of increasing decreased privacy, his/her decisions and actions must necessarily undertaken through heavily secured, so largely 'invisible' conduits of communication to maintain confidentiality and thus efforts toward competitive advantage.

This understandably makes it all very mysterious to the average person on the street, who sees an ever more separated elite.

Created Mysteries -

It appears the case that for many societies so as to maintain an everyday order, some type of managed outlet for those with inquisitive, questioning minds is provided. Something that partially or answers, or at least appears to answer, what may be behind the mysterious curtain of life.

The answer to those questions originally derived from spiritual origins, the formation of ancient tribal belief systems and spiritual leaders, as is the case with the African village Shaman (and drug induced visions), or the other worldly trance-induced connections generated by Persia's Whirling Dervishes.

As societies became better informed and far larger so it seems the case that new mysteries were created to then seemingly answer the unanswerable questions, to maintain a sense of wonder and awe amongst the masses and create perceptionally powerful constructs. So organised, in fact re-organised religions were born, one god out of many as Roman systems gave way to Christian systems, yet moulding the iconography and rituals so as to maintain old to new belief constructs.

Such workings were held in private behind closed doors, doors which led to inner sanctums that were supposedly closer to god, it meant that the depth of the mysteriousness was increased. Thus the orchestrators – typically the senior clerics (as with the Vatican) - gained an even greater wonder and respect from their peoples.

Upon this basis 'secret societies' were created, often bathed in adventurous mythical origins and with the supposed intent of imparting knowledge to the chosen few, or those who are worthy enough.

So it came to pass with Freemasonry, with its initiations and apparently ever more enlightening 'degrees', over time with international reach and recognising the accumulation of multi-faith members would assist, the organisation self-proclaimed as seeking to create better 'upstanding' men and 'brotherhood' with symbols, learning and personal challenges used to do so.

[NB As to whether this does so is of course specific to the individual, whilst some are able to improve themselves, others are not, whilst other 'older souls' are born far more evolved. Hence the base material of individual is as important as the process, and indeed the process may backfire when trying to evolve an unrecognised already spiritually superior being. Some are born more ethereal, others moulded in their early years; as the Jesuit saying determines...”give me a boy until seven and I will give you the man].

But, as with the typically all male club, whether Pall Mall haunt or local golf club, the fact that it has a reputation for cherry-picking its single sex members generated greater interest amongst some external men and many women, so adding cache and membership interest. A play of supply and demand factors.

[NB as a self-thinking, non-conformist thinker, investment-auto-motives believes that the majority of clubs formed are done so around a specific interest, but are in effect social construct systems by which senior members can utilise junior members. In the past it was typical that a members of the golf club committee would utilises the professional building skills of a new member, expecting a heavy discount given his club influence].
Now away from life observations back to the subject in hand.

Conspiracy Theorists -

As stated earlier..”nothing happens without a reason” incentive toward a particular outcome. So all actions could therefore be regarded as conspiratorial. A baby cries to be suckled, a young woman flirts for male attention, and a man exaggerates his wine knowledge to build his persona amongst his peers.

All then actions have 'origins and destinations', and given that this world has been build from actions and outcomes it is only natural that curious people question the status quo.

This then suggests that the 'human race' – the term itself indicative of competition – is indeed an entity within which are competing interests.

Hence, the very existence of secret organisations such as the Freemasons is questioned by those who are worldly curious; basic questions about function unanswered or disbelieved, even with improved public relations.

If the membership includes swathes of public officials then portions of a wary public will inevitably query the structure, inter-relationships and general influence, whilst the ritualism itself may be seen as a form of brainwashing, and if so brotherly associations viewed as possibly promoting hidden agendas and providing mutual favours.

Such people may also say...“if the system is so successful in creating better people, why not simply mould the whole of everyday society around the same precepts?”

Such questions then underpin what may be seen as a more credible line of inquisitiveness within a very broad spectrum of what is often called 'Conspiracy Theorists': those people who believe that major social, political and economic events or cover-ups have been and are strategically stage managed.

Well known 'fringe theory' topics include:

- 'false flag' events (undertaken as pretence of enemy threat)
(eg the collapse of the twin towers and 9/11)
- the assassinations of JFK, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X
- staged assassination attempts to gain public favour
- the 'accidental deaths' of Marilyn Monroe, Diana Spencer
- staged moon landings
- the military-industrialist complex remit to create wars
- the existence of extra terrestrial life forms (Area 51 etc)
- 'lost lands' (Atlantis etc)
- the occult (sorcery, witchcraft, zombies etc)
- suppression of technologies suppression (eg electric car)
- the use of common food as mass behaviour modifier
- the use of cognitive control methods
- suppression of western populace (technologically and socially)
(including 'Big Brother' digital comms and 'BB' TV series)
- alien reptilian-like beings (Anunaki) that rule over the planet
- the alien's ability to 'shape-shift' into humanoid forms
- a New World Order

[NB Excluded from this list is that of the jewish zionist global conspiracy. Whether this actually exists or not, suffice to say that investment-auto-motives stands very distant].

To return to the topic in hand...

As ever Wikipedia gives a good and relatively concise overview of the subject, effectively highlighting that a conspiracy theory is founded upon to an inter-connected set of arguments related to apparent facts which combine to demonstrate a thesis.

It highlights that the term has in modern times gained a derogatory interpretation in recent decades, the reactionary idea that people who spout them must be paranoid, which conspiracy theorists may view as wholly intended to discredit any conspiratorial viewpoint.

Wikipedia likewise states that (no doubt thanks to a whole profit-seeking publishing arena and multiple DIY broadcasting channels) that the general public's belief of conspiratorial events has grown, spanning a cross-section of ethnicities, nationalities, educational levels, both genders etc.

The New World Order Conspiracy Theory-

Thanks largely to broad access communication, the telephone, radio, television and of course computer, ideas whether for good, for bad or indifferent, were able to be spread more and more easily, indeed quicker and quicker.

For the profit-seeking 'conspiracy industry' the late 20th and early 21st centuries have proven a 'god-send', since as with neighbourhood petty gossip, the more alarming and intriguing the issue discussed, the quicker it is spread by way of wagging tongues, and now tapping fingers.

The prime NWO concept is that a group termed the 'Illuminati' - established in 1776 (the year of American independence) and represented by the 'Owl of Minerva' (wisdom) - consists of powerful shadowy figures who seek to plant their representatives inside major governments, corporations, academia and other spheres in order to control world affairs.

It is believed that organisations such as United Nations, International Monetary Fund and World Bank are in effect NWO sanctioned and administered, and that 'closed-door' meetings such as the Bilderberg Group, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and DAVOS exists in order to discuss how these invisible powers may advance their secret agenda for world domination and public slavery.

The Bilderberg Group -

The latter event maintains high security levels akin to that of the G8/G20, given the attendance of high profile political figures and international royalty, which because also of the attendance of corporate leaders seems to indicate to demonstrators and other like-minded people that it represents a meeting by which the world is plotted and shaped.

Again, Wikipedia provides a good description of Bilderberg, but in summary, was originated in 1954 to improve relations between business and political leaders in the US and Europe to promote 'Atlanticism' and counter what was then seen as the communist threat from the east. It took its name from the hotel in which the inaugural meeting took place in The Netherlands. Meeting in 1955 the seed of an idea to form a Common Market and possible European Union was aired to avoid future continental conflict, culminating in the Treaty of Rome. Furthermore discussions about a single European currency were had years before the Euro was created, and talk of renewed relations between the USA and China before Nixon's monumental visit.

Critics purport that its remit today goes beyond this initial remit, with 'at worst' the super-elite intent on world domination either via rampant capitalism or via a centrally planned global economy, with theoretically the use of the former to introduce the latter, possibly through an orchestrated collapse of global capitalism. Or 'at best' an undemocratic and opaque cabal of the rich and powerful
who are sworn to secrecy via 'Chatham House Rules'

[NB The rule allows people to speak as individuals and to express views that may not be those of their organisations, and so provides freer general discussion].

The meeting format is reported as a morning session whereby the attendees, usually 120 or so are divided into groups of 20 persons, to discuss identified issues from alternative perspectives, their conclusions then presented to the overall group for further discussion.

It is highlighted by critics that throughout the 1950s and 1960s the group was chaired by Dutch Royal Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (born in Germany) who is reputed to have been an SS officer prior to WW2, switching sides as an RAF Wing Commander during hostilities. It is written that decades later he was the recipient of $1.1m sum involved in the Lockheed Bribery Scandal of 1976. Less publicised is his presidency of the World Wildlife Fund and assistance in infiltrating illegal poaching groups in Africa, though this action also mired in scandal. So a mixed reputation.

It is also known that Bilderberg has been sponsored by the Rothchilds and Rockerfellers, which deflates the Bilderberg's supposed anti-jew stance, and Sweden's Wallenberg dynasty.

A prime accusation is the manufacture of national and regional crisis and wars, which provides the opportunity for profiteering from war related supplies (weapons, commodities) and the purchase of much deflated local assets awaiting a post-war valuation climb. NATO to undermine the military facilities of individual countries. Another being the expansion of widened trading blocks to reduce the importance of individual countries. And the centralised control of education so as to brainwash students from an early age.

As understood, this conspiratorial “end-point” in which the masses are left nigh on equally poor ironically parallels the conveyed Marxist conclusion, in which a naturally failed system of capitalism inevitably leads to global communism. Whichever path, the theory essentially posits the idea of the super powerful enslaving the masses, whether under capitalist or communist ideologies. Ultimately giving a 'one world government' and 'one world currency', to be achieved through media-led mind control.

But what external observers see as conspiratorially constructed events, seem in reality to be only logical debates about possible international scenarios given the circumstances of the day and associated PESTEL trends. Similar to the hypothetical discussions of students studying international relations, but of course more meaningful given the impact on domestic and international industry, national and international economies and so the everyday lives of the populace.

Many of the politicians attending are representatives of a democratically elected government or party elected opposition, so as far as the political angle is concerned there is what may be termed a democratic representation and influence. Others such as business leaders whilst with no need for democratic public election to their positions given their private entities, have been ostensibly elected within the corporate world as the best of those candidates available; to lead a corporation, help mould its own commercial sector with probable inter-connection within given usual alliances and acquisitions, and into other connected commercial sectors given the level of commercial inter-connectedness arising from globalisation and the digital age.

Conspiracy Believers -

[NB Firstly, no person what ever their belief should be mocked by others who maintain a popularist, mainstream viewpoint.

Never forget that centuries ago leading enlightened thinkers were castigated for stating that the world was not flat, the few countering belief that long distance travel would inevitably lead one to the cliff-like edge of the world. Infact there have never been such important people as those who refused to accept the status qou, and any questionable associated power structure, be it tribal leader, the church or government.

In recent times China's 'Tank Man', or the 'Unknown Protestor' not only shook the then leaders of the PRC, but ratified to the world the power of the individual and righteousness]

Whilst undoubtedly conveying what they believe to be 'fact based' viewpoints, many of those who believe and propagate conspiracy theories, from characterful relatively high profile media pundits (ie David Icke and Alex James) to youtube up-loaders to banner-waving demonstrators, are drawn to the movement because of the subjects mystique and because they deeply believe that what they state is valid.

This wholly understandable, since in an ever more complex, intelligent and inter-connected world rationally requires ever better control systems to aid the myriad of functions and interactions which take place. At its heart a seeming simplified orchestration to avoid the possibility of anarchic disruption to the norm, civil and international violence, associated panic and socio-economic collapse. This then the way the world has developed, underpinned by different schools, from apparent democracy to apparent totalitarianism to apparent autocracy.

Moreover, the necessary high security levels at events such as Bilderberg meetings, involving police marked vehicles and uniformed police officers, uniformed officers in unmarked cars and plain clothes officers and private security firms, all-together convey a sense of enormous private vs public separation, thus any individual, theorist or not, would be curious. But the fact is that such people are protected given the disruption and upheaval of requiring and finding a direct replacement if one and especially many are injured or assassinated.

[NB and recognise that the cordon that keeps the public out, also has the effect of penning the participants within; so who are the real sheep? The very lives of the participants, given roles and responsibilities, are far more constrained that that of the everyday freer average man or woman].

Moreover, like the supposed secretly informed Illuminati, it appears that many of the theorists involved either enjoy the limelight and social kudos of appearing informed of such secret ongoings, and gain satisfaction from the attention gained from others by either espousing their beliefs or at least intellectually discussing the subject matter.

Or, alternately – like many clubs - gain social comfort by being drawn into such an intelligent group and social-sharing that goes on, perhaps a few drawn in and indoctrinated for their own want of any social company, or drawn-in by a friend or partner. Most of all, many appear to enjoy the thrill of the subject itself and the created 'circus' that exists around it.

But, in the end, most critically we all do what we do to, give our lives purpose and maintain our beliefs to maintain our sense of self and identity: whether a football club supporter, or Bilderberg 'club' castigator

Taunting the Conspiracy Seekers -

The most recent Bilderberg event, held on 9th June 2013, was located in the seemingly unlikely location of 'The Grove' (Hotel) in Watford, North of London, in the UK. Not the far reaches of the countryside or at the top of a mountain as with Camp David or DAVOS, but in an up-market leisure retreat within a very very suburban surrounds.

It seems to investment-auto-motives that this very choice of location was what the event organisers considered a humorous play upon conspiritorialism itself, in effect feeding the wonderment and intrigue.

This so because of another “conspiratorial group”, the Bohemian Club who operate the Bohemian Grove, large grounds in Monte Rio, California where rich and powerful guests are invited for a holiday like get-away in mid-July each year, and participate in a 'Grove Play'.

Thus it could be the case that some Bilderberg guests move on from Watford's Grove to Bohemian Grove, adding ever more 'evidence' to the seeker's cause.

Furthermore, there was a sculpture added to a pool which troubled self-reporters named the 'trans-human' because of its animalistic effect, crawling out of the pool.

This again seems nothing more than the organisers feeding the very imaginations of conspiracy seekers; petty and childish if so, but very possible all the same.

[NB this possible observation of immaturity echoes reporter John Ronson's witnessing of the Bohemian Grove antics, who also highlighted its homosexual overtones].

New Economic Order -

This construct is perhaps a far better and more suitable substitute phrase for the scaremongering use of NWO. (Better still would be something akin to “Progressive Geo-Economic Change”, but such a term hardly rolls off the tongue).

In essence, all new order concepts relate to the altering of global economics and the rise of regions which up until the late 20th century were deemed comparatively socially, economically and technically stagnant.

The fact is that globalisation per se has been a reality ever since earliest mankind walked out of Africa and into Persia, ever since the invention of the raft to traverse long rivers and find new lands, ever since domestication of the horse and creation of the wheel and cart to travel further quicker, ever since the sea-going boat and ship to discover new continents, and beyond globalisation with the invention of the lunar space rocket.

Then through tribalistic war and conquer, then via royalistic and/or governmental war and/or diplomacy, the most powerful concepts prevailed – the 'killer applications' as Prof Niall Ferguson would say regards past western advancement.

Whilst in the past it was weaponry that conquered, today the mutual advantage is that of applied finance, and with it most recently the rise of the BRICs, CIVETS and MINT regions, and what may be called the 'New Economic Order'. This demonstrated to impressive effect by China's subtle but immense influence eventually to parallel and surpass that of the 'Anglo' Euro-American effect.

The concept is now well proven that an expanding web-like 'wealth effect' can be generated across broadly similarly 'free and fair' constructed societies – though not necessarily political or religious systems - with synergistic trade, commerce and industrial bases.

This new economic order has allowed many many millions of people in what were economically problematic or stagnant regions to improve their wealth, health and contentment / happiness.

In the same manner as has become the norm, those newly emergent people as individual 'economic contributors', though inevitably employed by a smaller number of educated and responsible men and women. These socio-economic 'managers' will either maintain the mantle of a familial industrial dynasty that has already played its part in stabilising what have been over-populated poor regions, or presumably as likely, new entrepreneurs from all walks of life who put-in enormous efforts to build from scratch new companies and possibly new empires.

In effect relatively newly built socio-economic structures – of whatever workable form (investment-auto-motives remains apolitical) - which allows for and encourages education, enlightenment, productivity, wealth creation and social dispersion, within a meritocracy by which those who contribute more, as judged by an equitable process, only fairly gain more.

Inevitably Changed Times -

The masses previously thought that “obviously” all people's fortunes centred around the historical debate between the notions of capitalism, socialism and communism, between the notions of (western) democracy, regional plutocracy/aristocracy or indeed country-specific autocracy.

But today people are far more pragmatic and prosaic, from Baltimore, to Brussels Baghdad to Beijing. Having observed failings of political systems such as CCCP communism, the unsustainable costs of French socialism, to a more recent teetering of belief in Anglo-American democracy, people care far less about the promises of political philosophy and more about tangible improvements in their standards of well-being.

Moreover, look deeply and the seemingly simple archetypes may be seen as oxymoronic historical contradictions.

“Don’t believe in 'isms', just believe in yourself” were the ironic words of self-sufficiency words uttered by the deity-like John (Winston) Lennon. His very name had overtones of counter-culture hippy-communialism, yet who's actions were anything but with rock-star elevation, a psychedelic Rolls-Royce and New York apartment. The fact was hippy-painted uber-materialism. Conversely, the aristocratically born, educationally privileged Winston Churchill was actually far more workmanlike in manner; reflected in his bricklayer's overalls which morphed into his similar all- in-one 'utility suit'. Of course both occupied different spheres, and both the moulded public mentalities of two very different British generations, yet in themselves they were not true representations of their political personas, for ill regards Lennon and for good in Churchill's.

To End -

It should be recognised since the earliest formations of societies and the creation of civilised times that inter-cultural trade has been a vital aspect of the modern world as known, then and now.

It has also undoubtedly acted as a routeway to afford inter-cultural influence and serve international expansionist agendas. This best illustrated by 15th century's Portuguese empire building through Africa, India and South America, also by the manner of the Dutch-East India Company on behalf of the Netherlands during the 17th century – seen as the first multi-national company – and Britain's East India Company in the 17th century, formed as a similar joint stock company in the early 18th century.

The difference today is that unlike the canon wielding Portuguese, or flint-lock pistol waving Dutch or Gun-Boat diplomatic British, most major countries have far more mass-destructive weaponry, from nuclear arms to no doubt bio-chemical laboratories, for all the treaties signed, or have a 'bigger brother' ally who does.

As illustrated by various statistics, world trade has obviously slowed over the last five years relative to the decade previous, given the immense rise of the BRICs creating a supply and production system to feed what was a hyper-consuming west, up until 2007. Indeed those BRICs have sought to re-orientate their network to supply themselves as a necessary substitute course of action.

But as seen with AP Moller Maersk's 'big-bet' on the mega-container ship and China's interest in commercially developing London's old docklands into a transport, trading and commercial hub, what we now see as a trough in world-trade should be latterly seen as a natural shift, allowing even greater internationalisation.

Furthermore, as now seen by the growth of defence industry 'off-sets' - where a contract is awarded to those western companies willing to support local non-defence sector iniititivies - even old fashioned bribary has been positively re-orientated. (Of course such projects could be simply 'milked' at arms length yet less likely to be investigated because of their social good).   

To this extent, the past does not reflect today nor tomorrow, in which the modern battle-grounds are about satiating a voraciously consumptive global population through political sensitivity, corporate foresight, entrepreneurialism, innovation and robust global financial markets and structures, all in a profitable and yet sustainable manner so as to improve and integrate mankind.

Let us hope that the men and women who attend such events as Bilderberg, DAVOS etc serve their higher selves, not the supposed 'higher beings', to do so.